These letters to the editor reflect opinions and viewpoints submitted to media outlets in support of the "Making Medicaid Better" initiative.

The Advocate: "Coordinated Care Networks Defense" 12.3.2010

The Advocate:  "Medicaid reform needed in La." 12.10.2010

News Star: "Private providers good for Medicaid" 12.13.2010

The Advocate: "Hope for Health Care in Louisiana" 12.19.2010

News Star "Kudos to La. LDH and Greenstein" 1.07.2011

The Advocate "Letter: La. Medicaid overhaul supported" 1.20.2011

Shreveport Times "Letter: Area health centers support Louisiana's reform efforts" 1.20.2011

Times Picayune "We must transform Medicaid in Louisiana: A guest column by Dr. Benjamin Sachs" 1.29.2011

Below are letters of support LDH has received from various health care organizations and advocacy groups in support of the Coordinated Care Networks proposal.