"State ban on 'bath salts' abused as a drug came none too soon"
The Shreveport Times
January 28, 2011



In December Times reporter Melody Brumble first reported this health threat that was creating a flood of phone calls to the Louisiana Poison Control Center at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport. Two weeks later Gov. Bobby Jindal issued an emergency executive order that added six chemicals marketed as bath salts and plant food to the controlled drug law. Now, two weeks later, the Poison Control Center has reported a nose dive of emergency calls.

"From September, we received 165 calls" for advice on how to treat patients experiencing dangerous effects from the abused chemicals, said State Medical Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry said this week. "Into December, we were getting more than 10 calls a day."

But since Jan. 6, the date of Jindal's order, the Poison Control Center has received only six calls related to the banned substances.

Good work to the governor's administration, the Poison Control Center led by director Mark Ryan, health officials and law enforcement for sweeping these products off convenience store and head shop shelves.