The State of Louisiana is vulnerable to a variety of hazards that threaten its citizens, communities, businesses, economy, and environmenti. In addition to natural hazards that have devastated Louisiana, the natures of the petrochemical industry as well as tourist attractions create a high-risk profile for the State with regards to industrial accidents as well as intentional destructive incidents. As a result of any intentional-release incident or accident, there may be heavy casualties and numerous fatalities.

Mass fatality planning is part of an overall, all-hazards emergency preparedness and response performed in Louisiana by the Department of Health (DHH). LDH handles Emergency Support Function #8, and is inclusive of support agency in managing human remains, including victim identification and mortuary affairs. This Framework is refined and fully developed with the guidance of LDH staff, the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), volunteers with DMORT experience, and the 64 parish coroners. Information regarding capabilities and resources continues to be gathered, and anchors this process. No plan will ever be able to capture all contingencies; however, having an established and practiced plan provides the direction and guidance needed during the crisis.

Mass Fatality Plan