The members of the Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association work to deliver to our patients and neighbors prescription drug healthcare and to be the most accessible healthcare providers.

Chairman Ricky Guidry, RPh. stated, "Our Louisiana House of Representatives considered the appropriations bill yesterday. Like all of us they worked to balance their budget, unfortunately for the citizens of Louisiana, the Representatives' attempt to reduce further cuts to healthcare fell short. The number of legislators we spoke with felt they were restoring cuts to the medical provider programs. Further analysis reveals that the movement of money from one pot to the other calls for a significant cut to all healthcare providers--pharmacists, doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers that have already been cut by hundreds of millions of dollars as they work to deliver a healthier Louisiana."

Guidry added, "We call on our members to reach out to our State Senators and encourage them to restore the cuts to healthcare. We encourage our Senators to recognize the life saving and life sustaining value of the healthcare programs and recognize the importance of maintaining the executive budget as presented to the Legislature."

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