Louisiana Department of Health and has issued an emergency do-not-use water advisory in parts of South Shreveport near Wallace Lake effective immediately.

A gas well fracture at Exco Co., at the end of Norris Ferry Road outside of Shreveport was the source of the contamination, which was reported to state officials early this morning. Officials from the Department of Environmental Quality have been testing in the area.

A do-not-use water advisory was sent to the Cypress Gardens Marina Water System for the drinking water after officials identified contamination in the water. Water in this area, from public and private wells, should not be used for human consumption, washing or bathing, or to water plants or animals until further notice.

Sixty local residents have been evacuated by state police to off-site lodging while officials with DEQ continue to test water sources in the area.

Contaminated water may have an unusual smell. If you encounter unusual smelling water, do not drink it and report it to officials with the Caddo-Bossier Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness by calling 318-425-5351.

The Shreveport Fire Department has set up an emergency call line. Calls can be made to 318-675-2255 in the event of an emergency related to the well leak.

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