"Bayou Health gets high marks"

January 4, 2014

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"Five private firms managing health care for about 900,000 Louisiana Medicaid recipients got high marks in an independent review required by federal officials.

The companies were in full or substantial compliance with state and federal requirements of the Bayou Health program nearly 100 percent of the time, according to IPRO, the firm based in Lake Success, N.Y. that conducted the review.

"Certainly it shows that Bayou Health is working well meeting the requirements we set out in contracts as well as those set out by CMS," state Department of Health Secretary Kathy Kliebert said Friday. 


Each plan was rated separately with full or substantial compliance scores ranging from 96 to 99 percent.

"Bayou Health has dramatically increased access to new resources that better promote coordination of care and management of chronic diseases. The external review is an important indicator that what we're doing works, and it is an important tool to use as we work to continually improve service," Kliebert said."