Louisiana Department of Health (DHH) Secretary Alan Levine announced today the appointment of a Medicaid Reform Committee that will help guide the agency in creating a reformed, patient-centered Medicaid system in the state of Louisiana.  The Health Care Reform Act of 2007 (SB1) calls on LDH to implement a medical home system of care that will incorporate the use of health information technology and quality measures to create a safe, patient centered, quality driven, sustainable health care system for Medicaid recipients and low-income uninsured citizens.  The Medicaid Reform Committee will counsel the agency as it moves to implement this patient-centered model of care, called “Louisiana Health First.”

“Our citizens deserve health care that meets the unique needs of different individuals and different communities,” said Secretary Levine.  “The leaders we have chosen to advise the implementation of Louisiana Health First will help ensure it becomes a model for innovative, sustainable health care.”

Medical home models have been effective at improving the quality of care in other states by creating systems of care that are patient-focused and rely on preventive care, management of chronic disease and coordination of health care services.  One such model successfully implemented elsewhere is the Provider Service Network (PSN).  PSNs are defined as organized health systems that offer an integrated system of care to Medicaid beneficiaries.  PSNs also have substantial participating ownership by a hospital and/or provider group(s), creating a financial incentive to for providers to invest in the long-term health of beneficiaries.

The Medicaid Reform Committee members will utilize their expertise to advise LDH as it crafts the federal waiver applications necessary to implement the Louisiana Health First PSN as a demonstration project.

Each member brings a wealth of expertise in the health care field.  Committee members include:

  • Donnie Batie, MD (Louisiana State Medical Society);
  • Karen Desalvo, MD (Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum);
  • Gil Dupre (Louisiana Association of Health Plans).
  • Ginger Hunt, NP (Louisiana Primary Care Association);
  • Keith Perrin, MD (Louisiana Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics);
  • Paul Salles (Louisiana Hospital Association);
  • Stephen Taylor, MD (Family Medicine Task Force);
  • Roxane Townsend, MD (LSU System); and
  • Carmen Weisner (Louisiana Chapter of National Association of Social Workers);
  • Clayton Williams (Louisiana Public Health Institute)