On June 12, 2017, Governor John Bel Edwards signed three bills that will enhance Louisiana's ongoing work to reduce opioid abuse:

  • Act 76 (Senate Bill 55 by Sen. Fred Mills) strengthens the state's Prescription Monitoring Program, which is a database for doctors and pharmacists. The bill will require prescribers to check the system before prescribing an opioid to a patient and check it every 90 days. It also requires prescribers to obtain three continuing education credit hours related to drug diversion training, best practice prescribing of controlled substances, and appropriate treatment for addiction.
  • Act 82 (House Bill 192 by Rep. Helena Moreno) implements a seven-day limit on first-time prescriptions of opioids for acute pain. The bill does not apply to patients with cancer, chronic pain or those receiving palliative care. It also gives doctors the ability to override the limit when medically necessary, with a notation in the patient's medical record.
  • Act 88 (House Bill 490 by Rep. Walt Leger) creates a 13-member advisory council on heroin and opioid prevention and education to develop policy recommendations to combat opioid abuse.