The Louisiana Department of Health Office of Public Health has recently launched an online service which provides Louisianans easy access to test privately owned water wells for biological contaminants.

This new service through the department's Office of Public Health can be accessed by visiting From there, citizens have the option to order water collection kits to be returned for testing of biological contaminants or request a local public health sanitarian to administer the test.

The service, provided by the OPH, creates the capability for users to test their system by means of an efficient and user-friendly online experience. Citizens can conveniently order testing kits using any major credit card 24 hours per day, seven days per week and have them shipped to their home.

The Office of Public Health states that nearly one out of every eight people in Louisiana get their drinking water from privately owned domestic water wells and the only way to know the quality and safety of water from private wells is to have it tested. The department partnered with Louisiana Interactive, a partner with Louisiana state government for digital services, to offer this service online and recommends that all private water wells be routinely inspected and tested for biological and chemical contaminants each year.

The cost of this service ranges from $40.00 to $100.00. Options include self-service, sanitarian service, approval request for loan letter, and approval request for foster care providers.

This online service is not available to test for chemicals in private water wells. Owners must still contact a private lab for this test. More information can be found here.


Louisiana Interactive (LAI) is a subsidiary of NIC, Inc. and is Louisiana's digital government partner. LAI builds, operates, maintains, and markets this service and other digital services for departments and agencies throughout Louisiana Government. LAI has developed online solutions for the state of Louisiana since January 2015.


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