Yesterday, the Louisiana Department of Health issued a closure order to Dupont Fish Market, located at 161 N. Market St. in Shreveport, after health inspections found multiple critical violations.

The most recent inspection, conducted on July 13, was the third inspection at Dupont Fish Market in 2018. Each inspection found critical violations that were not corrected, and in the interest of the public’s health, the Department has ordered the market to close immediately.

LDH can order the closure of retail food establishment should conditions exist that pose a threat or danger to the public’s health. In this case, the unsanitary conditions in Dupont Fish Market reached that standard.

With the number of repeated violations found at the market, the safety of the public has necessitated its closure, Dr. Parham Jaberi, assistant state health officer said.

“The state’s health department has a duty to protect the health and well-being of Louisianans, and in cases such as this one, that means ordering the closure of an establishment that continues to be in violation of health standards,” Jaberi said. “This fish market cannot be allowed to continue to operate and put people’s health in danger.”

This is the first time LDH has ordered the closure of a restaurant or other food establishment for this reason since July 2016.

Critical violations found at the market include flies, insects, rodents and other live animals being present in the establishment, rusted utensils and food contact surfaces and utensils not being clean to sight and touch.

In addition, numerous other violations relating to food protection, sewage, garbage and clothing and hair restraints were found.

“The nature of the most recent violations, combined with the continued inability of the market to maintain sanitary conditions for any length of time, has resulted in this closure order,” added Jaberi.

In order to reopen, the fish market must correct all cited critical and non-critical violations.

LDH performs more than 79,000 retail food inspections each year. Health inspections performed in the state can be viewed at or