Today, the Pediatria Healthcare for Kids in Baton Rouge announced it would close its facility on Airline Highway after its provisional license expired. The clinic serves 23 patients, who are all being helped by the Louisiana Department of Health to find alternative care providers. 

Pediatria Healthcare for kids had been licensed as a provider of pediatric day health care services medically fragile children. Patients include those with disabilities; require high-level care, and who require close supervision. Services include respiratory care; physical, speech, and occupational therapies, assistance bathing and dressing, transportation services and some educational services.  

The clinic had been operating on a 90-day provisional license issued by the health department in October 2018. Since the license was issued, the clinic has attempted and failed to comply with licensing standards, resulting in the provisional license expiring. The clinic has had a recent history of failing to meet state licensing standards beginning with a state investigation last July. In subsequent site inspections, the facility failed to achieve full compliance.  

In conjunction with the health department, the facility is now working to transition all of its patients to other health care providers. The department has received daily updates regarding the transition of all Pediatria clients including census information, transfers, and discharges, and nursing staff reports. 

The department of health has identified other Pediatric Day Health Care providers in the area that have capacity and properly trained and qualified staff to absorb Pediatria’s clients. Pediatria has also verified they have contacted all clients about the pending closure.