This Mother’s Day, the Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative, including 35 birthing hospitals throughout the state, are recommitting to a movement to prevent unexpected outcomes of childbirth that may cause harm to a new mother.

Earlier this week, participating hospitals made the “20 by 2020” pledge which aims to reduce maternal harm from bleeding or high blood pressure by 20% by Mother’s Day 2020.

“This pledge shows we are all working together toward the common goal of safe, dignified pregnancy and childbirth for every person in the state,” Dr. Rebekah Gee, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, said.

Louisiana is one of many states working toward solutions through a collaborative network of hospitals, providers and advocates.  Participating hospitals have taken a pledge to continue implementing, measuring and adopting best practices in partnership with nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas and the greatest experts of all – people giving birth in Louisiana.

The Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative is a voluntary network of perinatal care providers, public health professionals and patient and community advocates who work to advance equity and improve outcomes for women, families, and newborns in Louisiana.

“On this Mother’s Day, and every day, we not only honor mothers, but we recognize the work and dedication of the hospitals that have joined the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative, and are working to make sure that every mom goes home with her baby feeling safe, supported, and heard,” Gee said.

For more information on the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative’s initiative, and to see a list of those facilities that have committed to participating, visit