To better assist Medicaid members in completing renewal documents, as of mid-January the Louisiana Department of Health has begun including pre-filled forms in renewal letters that are sent to members each month.

“We are committed to making sure Louisianans who are eligible maintain their Medicaid coverage,” said Stephen Russo, interim secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health. “Pre-filled forms may sound like a small development, but evidence shows that removing this sort of barrier can have a significant, positive impact.”

Each member will receive a paper renewal form that has been pre-filled with their information. Members who use the paper form to renew their Medicaid coverage only need to check that the information is correct and use the spaces provided to make any changes, including adding additional people in their household or another job that is not on the pre-filled form.

The letter contains instructions for how to return the form, as well as how to renew online and by phone. The form can also be returned by fax, email or in person at one of the Medicaid offices.

Even if no changes are made to the pre-filled form, the documents must be signed and returned to complete the renewal process. Some members may receive the form in more than one envelope because of the required information for their coverage.

Members must complete their renewal process by the due date or they risk losing their coverage.