The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) in partnership with Adaptation Health has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge supports Louisiana Medicaid by identifying market-ready solutions to engage members through the appropriate use of technology. The RFI has been published to identify innovative solutions to address member communication and engagement.

The RFI is seeking vendors who have a solution to improving communication with members, specifically those that work to address health disparities within underserved and marginalized/vulnerable populations. The RFI is centered around a research brief written by Adaptation Health. The link to that brief, along with instructions for RFI submission, can be accessed here.

“Our commitment is to serve our members with critical health care services in a timely and efficient manner. To do this we must also evolve and enhance our communication and engagement with the people we serve. This RFI will help us to identify innovative and effective ways to engage with all of our Medicaid members,” said Ruth Johnson, Executive Director of Louisiana Medicaid.

The RFI seeks responses from individuals and organizations who can improve communication strategies and communication frequency between LDH and all members concerning their eligibility and enrollment status, improve data collection and disseminate pertinent public health information, which will overall improve the member experience.

The Challenge is specifically focused on vendors with the goal of encouraging partnerships between LDH, and organizations that are achieving documented results in shaping better outcomes for Medicaid populations in the context of communication and member engagement around eligibility and enrollment. This opportunity will allow companies to present their solutions, business models and existing work directly to the Louisiana Medicaid Executive Director, Medicaid managed care leadership, national Medicaid stakeholders, LDH leaders, and a national live stream audience during the Louisiana Medicaid Innovation Challenge Showcase. The Showcase is tentatively scheduled to take place at the end of September 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All organizations interested in applying for this opportunity can find additional information and instructions for responding in the state RFI.
About the Louisiana Department of Health 
The Louisiana Department of Health strives to protect and promote health statewide and to ensure access to medical, preventive and rehabilitative services for all state residents. The Louisiana Department of Health includes the Office of Public Health, Office of Aging & Adult Services, Office of Behavioral Health, Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, and Healthy Louisiana (Medicaid). To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or our blog.
About Adaptation Health
Adaptation Health is a buyer-side incubator program developing and building thought leadership and value on behalf of State Medicaid programs and Managed Care Organizations. Through Medicaid Innovation Challenges we connect state Medicaid agencies, Managed Care Organizations, and innovative vendors to solve deep-rooted problems in public health and Medicaid service delivery. We match market needs and Medicaid priorities against market and product fit to cultivate an awareness of the value that new innovations can bring in solving persistent and deep-rooted challenges. Learn more in our Press Kit.