Should one or more of Louisiana’s parishes/regions become overwhelmed with the number of human remains that require temporary refrigerated storage, Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) and other state agencies may have to establish a temporary storage site(s). Contractor will be required to provide personnel and equipment to retrieve /return bodies from hospitals, coroners’ offices or other sites that are designated by LDH.

  • Due to the COVID19 pandemic or other state disasters, parishes/regions in Louisiana have the potential to have more human remains that require temporary refrigerates storage than can be accommodated by local resources.
  • Should a parish/region require assistance, LDH (and other applicable State agencies) with the assistance of their ESF8 Fatality Management Lead can design, establish and manage a site(s).
  • Parish Coroner’s along with hospitals will support this effort and give permission to pick up, store and release the remains.
  • LDH will provide a Planning and Response Lead to oversee all daily functions and ensure that effective roles and responsibilities are carried out at the site location. Contractor’s Storage Site Supervisor will report to the Planning and Response Lead.
  • GOHSEP will contract and provide for the 53’ refrigerated trailers (placing remains in two rows of seven, each 53’ trailer will accommodate 14 human remains). As necessary, the contractor will interface with the company providing the trailers to ensure they stay sufficiently fueled and maintained. ? GOHSEP will provide body bags and toe tags to the contractor.
  • Contractor will provide all personnel, equipment and supplies to manage, provide security, dispatch and provide transportation and body retrieval from pick-up sites to the trailers, trailer management, and release and/or return of bodies from trailers as identified below.
  • Contractor is will be responsible for all security and safety protocols to include proper use of PPE (e.g. proper donning and doffing procedures), OSHA regulations, along with all Federal and State Health and Safety regulations concerning the proper decontamination of personnel and equipment and supplies and overall safety of the site.
  • Contractor to have 1 year of disaster management work. Contractor personnel will be required to follow the protocols established by the State Mass Fatality Lead regarding the handling of human remains.

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