In recent weeks, several Louisiana citizens have reported receiving phone calls from people requesting their Medicaid card numbers, bank account information and/or Social Security numbers. Calls were made to current Medicaid clients and to those who are not covered under Louisiana Medicaid. The callers were not Medicaid representatives or employees of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Citizens are reminded to use caution when being asked for personal information over the phone, especially when the call is received after normal business hours. It is highly unusual to receive a call from an actual Medicaid staff member in the late evening, the time in which most of these suspect calls were made.  

When in doubt, or when a call is received from someone other than the usual caseworker, clients are encouraged to ask for the caller’s name and phone number and call the person back to verify they are Medicaid employees.

Also, a Medicaid staff member will never call someone to ask if they want Medicaid coverage.

Clients are further cautioned about giving their Medicaid cards to anyone who claims that a new card is being issued.  This also applies to Social Security cards, which as a precaution, should not be carried in a wallet or purse.

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