Disparities in access to healthcare across demographic groups has long been a subject of concern in public policy. A new report from the Louisiana Department of Health, the Special Report on Health Access Disparities, examines those differences based on data from over 8,500 Louisiana households surveyed in the Louisiana Health Insurance Survey. The report focuses on differences in access to healthcare in Louisiana across demographic groups and insurance plans – including those who are not insured.

Some key findings were:

  • Louisiana’s children fare better than adults both in terms of getting the care they need and access to providers.
  • In terms of race, white children are more likely to have health insurance coverage that meets their needs and that allows access to providers they need than Black children. Other races fare worse than Black children.
  • Those who do not have insurance are much less likely to have needs met and get access to the providers they need than Louisianans with any type of insurance

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