Dr. Paulette L. Grey Riveria has joined the Louisiana Department of Health as the Regional Medical Director/Administrator for the seven parishes of the Office of Public Health's Capital Region. Dr. Grey Riveria is a board-certified family medicine physician who most recently served as a consultant to the Office of Public Health, conducting a novel statewide assessment of healthcare worker attitudes and experiences related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Office of Public Health (OPH), through the work of its more than 1,100 employees, is responsible for protecting and promoting the health and wellness of all individuals and communities in Louisiana. OPH accomplishes this through outreach and education; promotion of healthy lifestyles; preventing disease and injury; enforcing regulations that protect the environment; maintaining vital records; collecting, analyzing and reporting clinical, environmental and public health information; and assuring preventive services to uninsured and underserved individuals and families. As the leader in directing emergency disaster operations, OPH works to ensure readiness for hurricanes, disasters and other threats to Louisiana in conjunction with other state departments.

OPH employs science-based best practices to ensure that all people in Louisiana can grow, develop and live in an environment that promotes the physical, behavioral and social health of individuals, families and communities. As custodians of the public's trust and money, OPH strives to stay connected to what is most important to improve the health of individuals and families.

Prior to her research with the Department, Dr. Grey Riveria worked predominantly as a primary care provider within the federally qualified health center system. She also has diverse work experience that includes utilization management and entrepreneurship, as well as global health experience in Ghana, India and Senegal.
Dr. Grey Riveria received her bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech University, a Doctorate of Medicine from Johns Hopkins, a Master of Public Health from Harvard and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois at Chicago.