Baton Rouge – The Department of Health (DHH) requests that clergy members in Louisiana who are willing to offer their pastoral counseling services immediately contact the Find Family Call Center at 225 709-7870. 

 The Family Call Center helps victims of the recent hurricanes find missing or lost relatives.

 DHH's Office of Mental Health has found that there is a tremendous need for pastoral counseling for victims in crisis who are grieving from the loss of family and other loved ones. 

 Louisiana's clergy is uniquely able to help members of their respective denominations to work through their grief and manage ongoing emotional crisis, according to mental health staff.

 "We are calling upon clergy in Louisiana to help us at the Family Call Center by assisting those who have been impacted by these recent storms,” said Dr. Cheryll Bowers-Stephens, assistant secretary for the Office of Mental Health. “Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have caused personal tragedies that require the aid of every resource."