Baton Rouge --- On behalf of the state of Louisiana, the Department of Health has contracted with Kenyon International Emergency Services to recover the bodies of deceased victims of Hurricane Katrina.

 “Kenyon International Emergency Services has agreed to oversee this difficult operation, and we feel confident that they will conduct the recovery process with the respect and dignity our citizens deserve,” said LDH Secretary Dr. Fred Cerise.

 The contract was effective Sept. 13 and gives Kenyon International Emergency Services full responsibility for the state’s body recovery effort, working in conjunction with DHH. The company has been contracted to work on numerous other recovery efforts in the wake of disasters, including the Oklahoma Citybombing, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Asian tsunami.

 Kenyon International Emergency Services will not receive a set amount of money for this contract; rather, the company will bill the state at cost for services required and health officials will monitor the deceased recovery effort to ensure that only the required services are billed.

 Kenyon has agreed to provide up to 150 search-and-recovery specialists for this effort, paying each $720 per day. The company is providing this service at a discounted rate for the state to ease the financial burden during the time of crisis. In addition, Kenyon International Emergency Services will provide all supporting equipment, including protective clothing and transportation, to its recovery specialists.

 The state’s contract with Kenyon International Emergency Services extends through Nov. 15; however, the company expects to complete the recovery effort within 30 days. The state extended the contract as a precaution, in the event that weather or environmental conditions make searches impossible in some areas during the 30-day window.


The state’s contract with Kenyon can be viewed online at