Baton Rouge –Dialysis services in the New Orleans area have been greatly disrupted by the recent events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.  Patients on dialysis must continue to get treatment.   If your usual dialysis unit is closed, you should call 504-338-4267 or 985-537-6903 to arrange treatment. 

 There are also several toll-free numbers available to find dialysis units that are open outside of the New Orleans area.  If you know what company owns the facility where you usually go for treatment, you should call that company so that your treatment records can be obtained.  If you do not know the name of the company, you can call any of the following companies for assistance.














You may also call ESRD Network 13 if you need additional help.  Their toll-free number is 1-800-472-8664.


Dialysis patients and staff are being asked to carry identification with them that indicates which dialysis facility they are traveling to and, for staff, what shift they are working.  This is to ensure access to facilities where curfews are in effect.  Patients and staff are also asked to place a sign on their dashboard where it can be seen from the outside that identifies them as a "dialysis patient" or "dialysis staff.”

 Remember, if you or your family member is on dialysis, treatment must be continued.  Talk to the people where you are staying about this immediately.  Dialysis patients need treatment at least three times a week.    Patients should follow their usual treatment recommendations, including limiting the amount of water and other liquids they drink and the amount of salt in foods.  Fruits and vegetables high in potassium should be avoided.


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