Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA)

What is HOPWA?

In 1992 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) instituted HOPWA--Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS--to provide housing assistance and supportive services for low to moderate income persons with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Monies are awarded to states or eligible metropolitan areas based on HIV/AIDS cases, Fair Market Rents (FMRs), and poverty rates in a jurisdiction.

How are HOPWA funds available throughout Louisiana?

Through HOPWA, the state receives housing assistance funds, which are disbursed in Regions 3 through 9.  Funding for the greater New Orleans area and the greater Baton Rouge area is administered through separate grants provided directly to the City of New Orleans and the City of Baton Rouge.

How are HOPWA funds used?

Once HOPWA funds have been awarded, SHHP requests proposals for funds from qualified residential facilities for person with HIV/AIDS and from community-based organizations (CBOs) that provide supportive services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  

Upon award of the funds, monies can be utilized by residential facilities in a variety of ways, including: capital improvements, new construction and facility renovations.

There is no maximum length of stay for individuals at the facilities, and all provide staffing to assist residents.  

Another source of assistance available through HOPWA is short-term emergency rental assistance, which provides persons with HIV/AIDS with funding to aid in paying their living expenses, such as rent, mortgages and utilities, for a maximum period of five months. For a regional directory that includes a listing of contacts for HOPWA services, click here.

Another form of HOPWA assistance is Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA), which provides rental assistance to eligible clients. 

Who is eligible to receive HOPWA assistance?

To be eligible for HOPWA an individual must be:

  • A resident of Louisiana
  • HIV positive
  • 80% of the median area income

How can I get more information about HOPWA?

For information about the HOPWA program in the New Orleans area contact:


Mayor's Office of Health Policy - 504-658-2800


For information about the HOPWA program in the Baton Rouge area contact:


Office of Social Services - 225-358-4561


For information about the HOPWA program in the rest of Louisiana, including a listing of HOPWA providers, contact:


Erika Sugimori, Services Manager

Louisiana STD/HIV Program

1450 Poydras Street Suite 2136

New Orleans, LA 70112