Request vaccination records

There are several options for requesting vaccination records in Louisiana:

Option 1: Register for MyIRMobile Website

Signing up for LA MyIR provides Louisiana residents the ability to access, review, and print your family's official vaccination records without requesting them from a doctor. LA MyIR is ideal for proof of immunization for school or camp registration, when you're seeing a new health care provider, tracking boosters and yearly immunizations - like the flu shot, managing immunization records for an elderly parent, preparing for foreign travel, etc.

Option 2: Ask your healthcare provider for a copy. Louisiana has had an Immunization Information System (IIS) called LINKS, since 2001. Most Louisiana providers performing vaccinations enter data into LINKS.

Option 3: Ask the local Parish Health Unit (PHU) for a copy - click here for PHU contact information.

Option 4: Complete the Office of Public Health Immunization Program's online form to have vaccination records sent to you via traditional mail. Click here to access the online request form.