Management Training Program

The Management Training Program was established specially to train all responsible parties (mayors, council members, board members, corporate officers, owners, administrators, etc) of new and existing public water systems to provide them with appropriate management skills to operate and maintain a Public Water System (PWS) that is viable and able to meet all drinking water requirements. The Louisiana Administrative Code (part 48: V7717 section C) states all decision makers for a PWS are required to attend one 4 hour Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) approved management training session. Training sessions are held by LDH and the Louisiana Rural Water Association throughout the year at different locations throughout the state at no cost to attendees. Also, LDH has contractors that can provide individual on-site management training to PWS free of charge to attendees. For upcoming training dates and locations, please contact us at 225-342-7499 or Louisiana Rural Water Association at (800) 256-2591 or