Installers Workshop Schedule and Instructions


In accordance with the Louisiana Administrative Code, all persons seeking to apply for a new license or renewal must, at their own expense, attend and successfully complete a training course approved by the Sanitarian Services Section of the Office of Public Health, Louisiana Department of Health, as a prerequisite for licensure. 

Approved Training Course

The Roger Kelley, Water and Wastewater Trainer, LLC training course has been approved for the year 2023 as an Installers Workshop training by the Office of Public Health. The next course is currently scheduled for July 6, 2023. Please contact Mr. Kelley via email ( for additional information.


Temporary ExamsAvailable when an approved training course is not available within 60 days

Temporary Onsite Wastewater Workshop Exams will be administered at the Regional Offices on the third Thursday of each month.

Exams will be administered at 9 AM unless otherwise noted when registering. Anyone arriving after 9 AM must wait until the next exam date.

If accommodations are required for testing, please inform the Regional Office prior to the exam date.

You must register with your local office prior to sitting for the temporary exam.


*Space limited. Masks and social distancing requirements must be followed.

To register for an exam, please refer to the contact information below.


Region 1:  Lynell Ringo, Sanitarian Regional Director; Email:; Telephone: 504-568-7970


Region 2:  Joy Acklen-Raymond, Reg. 2 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: (225) 342-7535


Region 3: Lindsey Toloudis, Reg. 3 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: (985) 449-5007


Region 4: Sid Lange, Reg. 4 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: 337-326-8252


Region 5: Adam Traub, Reg 5 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: 337-475-3235


Region 6: Shane Bordelon, Reg 6 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: (318) 484-2159


Region 7:  Constance Griffin, Sanitarian Regional Director; Email: Constance.Griffin@LA.GOV; Telephone: (318) 676-5265


Region 8: Rodney (Marvin) Powell, Reg 8 OSWW Coordinator; Email:; Telephone: (318) 361-7201


Region 9: Brant Conti, Sanitarian Regional Director; Email:; Telephone: (985) 748-2020


To prepare for your exam, review the Onsite Wastewater Installer Workshop Study Guide and the Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 51, Part XIII (Sewage Disposal) in the Related Files/ Related Links sections of this page.


Temporary License(s):


Temporary licenses were issued to individuals who successfully passed the Onsite Wastewater Installer Temporary Exam and submitted required documentation for licensure.

The temporary exam was offered to new and renewing installers while a new provider is being identified to offer the approved training course. Once the approved training courses are available, it is the installer’s responsibility to register, attend the training, and successfully pass the workshop exam.

Temporary licenses will terminate upon failure to attend the next available approved training. Installers who fail to attend the required training course, will not be issued another temporary license but may reapply for a license upon successful completion of the required training (LAC Title 51 Part XIII §737.G.).


Failure to meet the training requirement is in violation of the Public Health Sanitary Code as set forth in Louisiana Administrative Code Title 51 Part XIII §737, as follows:


Installer/Maintenance Provider Qualifications 

  1. All persons seeking to apply for a new license or renewal, must at their own expense, attend and successfully complete, a training course approved by the Sanitarian Services Section of the Office of Public Health, Department of Health and Hospitals, as a prerequisite for licensure. This course will be offered at least once annually.
  2. All licensees must successfully repeat this training course every five years.

Please remember, every five years you must take the installer training class and pass the exam to avoid interruption of licensure.  Also, you are responsible for keeping up with your training date and knowing when it is time to take the training course.  For instance, if your last class date was in 2016, you were due for the class in 2021.  

If you are unsure of your training date or have questions regarding this update, please contact us at (225) 219-0179. 






Louisiana Administrative Code - The Division of Administration hosts the documents that comprise the Louisiana Administrative Code, which is the set of rules implementing the laws of the state of Louisiana. Title 51 of the LAC is also known as the Louisiana State Sanitary Code and Part XIII of that title includes the rules governing the specifications for, as well as installation and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems in the state.