Bioterrorism Laboratory

All bioterrorism testing is currently being processed through the OPH Laboratory located in Baton Rouge. For any questions regarding sample testing please contact us at the number provided at the bottom of this page.

Hospital Microbiology Laboratory Site Visits—We are making our way to each and every hospital microbiology laboratory in the state to distribute laboratory prepardness materials and answer any questions about our program.

Bioterrorism and Packaging and Shipping Update Workshop—The OPH Laboratory periodically offers bioterrorism and packaging and shipping workshop at locations around the state featuring updated information on bioterrorism emergency response, a packaging and shipping overview and pandemic influenza. 

If you have any questions about biological threat testing or packaging and shipping biological substances, please contact us at the phone numbers below.

Contact Information

Bioterrorism Coordinator

Office: 225-219-5241   Fax: 225-219-4903  Email:

Laboratory Emergency Preparedness and Response 24/7 Phone: 504-458-9537


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