Building and Premises Program

Program Objectives

To control environmental factors which are detrimental to the health of persons confined to, residing in, or cared for by, institutional facilities, including prisons, hospitals, and nursing homes, group homes, day care centers, and schools by annual inspections of all institutions (prisons semi-annually).

To ensure sanitary conditions in places of public accommodation and to control factors on private premises which may be detrimental to community health by responding to all complaints of unsanitary conditions.

Highlighted Facts

There are over 6,322 institutions with permits in Louisiana.
There were 24,035 inspections conducted in 2012-2013.


Each parish health unit is responsible for inspection of state-licensed facilities in their area.
Each Region has at least two certified lead inspectors responsible for conducting environmental lead investigations based on data received from private physicians or health unit personnel.


For more information, please contact:

Mike Vidrine
Chief, Field Operations
Phone: 225.342.7542
Fax: 225.342.7552

Keenan Glover
Buildings and Premises Program Administrator
Phone: 225.342.8959
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Kyle Moppert
Medical Entomologist - Disease Vector Program
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Melissa Ruiz Drescher, R.S.
Program Specialist
Phone: 225.342.8954
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