Cosmetics are items that are designed to alter the appearance or enhance the attractiveness of a person. These items are governed under the federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 and the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Law (LSA R.S. 40: 601 et seq.). Soap is specifically excluded from the regulatory definition of human cosmetic products. Wholesale manufacturers or distributors of cosmetic products in the state of Louisiana are required to be permitted by the Food and Drug Unit and cosmetics distributed in Louisiana are required to be registered under the department's Product Registration program.


FDA Guide to Cosmetic Labelling

FDA Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program - a non-mandatory program of the federal Food and Drug Administration that allows manufacturers to register as cosmetics producers and also to provide the agency with information on ingredients used in creating their products

Plans Review Packet - a packet can be downloaded here under "Plans Packet for Cosmetics Manufacturers or Warehouses"