Welcome to our new Developmental Screening Toolkit! As part of ongoing quality improvement, we are recruiting providers to test (or pilot) the toolkit. Participating clinics will have access to personalized training and support based on their preferences. Feedback on the toolkit will be used to improve content, tools, and end-user experience. Please email DevScreen@la.gov for more information.


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Implementation Training & Support

Implementing changes in your practice can feel like a daunting task. From creating a plan, to training staff, and making the changes in services, there is a lot of coordination that needs to take place. While there are many resources available to help guide this process, we also have a team of experts available to provide Implementation Training and Support (ITS). You can use this request form to learn more about the topics we can help with and services we offer.

Developmental Screening ITS consists of a variety of options that allow you to interact with our experts to receive support tailored to your practices wants and needs. We can provide guidance, help with decision making and problem solving, and coach you through implementing changes in your practice.

Implementation Training and Support (ITS) Offerings

There are a few different ways to receive ITS from us. Options range from asking a question in a group office hours session, to having 1:1 bi-weekly meetings with our experts to walk through the steps of the toolkit. The benefit of this having multiple options is that you can decide what level of support you would like!


  • Watch Our Webinars – Check out our upcoming and previously recorded webinars below.
  • Monthly Office Hours – Each month we hold office hours on Zoom that are open to anyone who has questions or wants to learn more about developmental screening. Sessions revolve around a selected theme, but questions about any developmental screening topic are welcome! Find more information about Office Hours below.
  • Email Us a Question – Email DevScreen@la.gov with a question and receive a response within three business days.
  • Initial Planning Meeting – Meet with our experts on Zoom who will help you formulate a plan of action for developmental screening in your practice.
  • 1:1 Coaching Meetings – Meet with our experts bi-weekly on Zoom to walk through building your team, our worksheets and checklists, and troubleshooting implementation in your practice. Each practice can receive up to 5, 1:1 meetings in addition to the initial planning meeting.

To request an initial planning meeting, learn more about 1:1 coaching, or ask us a question, please email DevScreen@la.gov.


Here you will find upcoming and previously recorded webinars covering the Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines and Medicaid policy for reimbursing developmental screening.

Previously Recorded Webinars

Use the links below to view previously recorded developmental screening webinars. 

Using the Louisiana Developmental Screening Guidelines 
Louisiana Medicaid and Developmental Screening
Panel: The Ins and Outs of Developmental Screening 
  Click here after watching the above webinar to complete the evaluation   Click here after watching the above webinar to complete the evaluation   Click here after watching the above webinar to complete the evaluation


Office Hours

Find the latest information on our monthly Office Hours below. Dates, topics, and Zoom links will be updated as they become available. Topics are selected to center discussion, but questions on any developmental screening topic are always welcome!