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Individuals that are elderly and adults with physical disabilities – elderly, seniors (age 65 and older) or adults with a physical disability (who developed the disability at age 22 or later) residing in nursing facilities (NF) who meet My Place Louisiana program eligibility requirements can receive My Place Louisiana assistance to transition from a qualified institution to a home and community-based living setting of the individual’s choice.

Assistance benefits available through My Place Louisiana with OAAS

Click for BrochureBelow are examples of assistance that will be available for people participating in the My Place Louisiana program either pre-transition or during the demonstration period (first 365 days post-transition):

Pre-Move Supports:

Before a person transitions from an institutional setting to community-based living through My Place Louisiana, several services may be provided.  These can include:

  • Transition Planning: A personalized plan is developed to address the individual’s specific needs and support their successful transition to community living.
  • Coordination of Services: Assistance in coordinating various services to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Housing Assistance:  Support in finding affordable and accessible housing in the community that meets the individual’s needs.
  • Training and Education: Coordinate training and education on independent living skills, self-advocacy, and other essential skills for community living.
  • Connection to Resources:  Assisting the individual in accessing community resources, support networks, and services available post-transition.

Post-Move Supports:

After a successful transition through the My Place Louisiana program, individuals typically continue to receive various services to support their community-based living. 

  • Post Move visits - My Place Louisiana Transition Coordinators will visit individuals once they have transitioned to determine if planned services are being received and to assist SC and provider, should any problems arise that could result in re-institutionalization.  These visits continue through the first 365 days post transition.
  • Transition Maintenance - Funding for post-move activities specifically related to achieving goals or accessing services in the plan of care. Transition Maintenance will only be used when no other resources are available and/or when available resources have failed to address the barrier.
  • Independent Living Skills Training – Continued training and support for developing and maintaining independent living skills.
  • Advocacy Supports – Support for self-advocacy and assistance in navigating community services and systems.

How to Enroll through OAAS

For more information about enrolling in the OAAS My Place Louisiana program, please contact the OAAS Hotline at  866-758-5035 and choose Option 5.

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