Division of Health Economics

To enhance decision making both within and outside the Department by providing the Department's executives and senior managers and external decision makers with insightful, accurate and timely analyses based on high quality research and planning.

Division of Health Economics provides decision support services to the Department's executive level managers. This support is in the form of reports, analyses, forecasting, briefing notes and research projects. The Division plays a key role in designing and completing materials for presentation to Legislative Committees and works with Medicaid during the budget cycle to present a complete package of information and analysis for a broad audience.

Among the most important products the Division prepares are the Medicaid Monthly Financial Report, and the Medicaid Annual Report. The Division is also frequently called upon to develop materials in response to questions from providers, Legislators and their staff, the press or general public.

The Division has developed and maintains a Medicaid expenditure forecasting model and a collection of databases with both historical and current expenditure, eligibility and health services utilization information.



Contact Information - Phone: (225) 342-6319Bhaskar Toodi, MBA, PhD
Chief Health Economist / Director

Arun Adhikari, PhD

Theresa Bryan, MPA
Policy Planner

Roneé Chandler
Administrative Assistant

Augustus Matekole, PhD

Cristian Nedelea, PhD

Ucheoma Nwagbara, MPA
Policy Planner

Mahesh Pandit, PhD