For Families/Youth

Is CSoC right for you?

CSoC might be right if your child:

  • Is 5 to 20 years old
  • Has a mental health or co-occurring disorder
  • Has a history with child welfare, juvenile justice and/or trouble in school
  • Is in an out-of-home placement, or at risk for being placed out of home including:
    • Addiction facilities
    • Detention
    • Homeless (as identified by the Department of Education)
    • Intellectual or developmental disabilities facilities
    • Non-medical group home
    • Psychiatric hospitals
    • Psychiatric residential treatment facilities 
    • Secure care facilities
    • Therapeutic foster care
    • Therapeutic group home

If you think CSoC is right for you:

Call Magellan of Louisiana directly at 1-800-424-4489.

You can also call your child's/youth's Healthy Louisiana plan to be connected to Magellan. Contact information can be found here

Helpful tips for the phone call:

You will be greeted by a representative at Magellan or your Healthy Louisiana Plan.

Tell the representative you are calling about a child/youth that you think may meet eligibility criteria for CSoC.

Be prepared to answer several questions from the representative, including:

  • Age
  • Insurance/Medicaid coverage
  • Mental Health History
  • Substance Abuse History
  • Medication
  • Medical history
  • History with child welfare, juvenile justice and trouble in school

If you called the Healthy Louisiana plan and the child/youth meets the initial criteria for a CSoC referral, the representative will then transfer the call to Magellan.

Be prepared to answer questions about the child/youth's behaviors and concerns about what is going on in the child's life that makes you think CSoC is needed. Talk about the difficulties the child/youth is having at home, school and/or in the community.

If the child/youth meets criteria for CSOC, the representative will assist with scheduling a thorough assessment with the child/youth.

Regardless of CSoC eligibility, Magellan or your Healthy Louisiana plan will ensure that the child/youth is referred to providers who can meet their needs.

You can call Magellan or your Healthy Louisiana plan any time of day or night any day of the week.

Would you like to be involved in CSoC?

CSoC welcomes families and youth to be a part of the oversight and decision making process.  There are several ways young people and family members can become involved in leading and improving how behavioral health for youth is understood and addressed in your community and in the state. Click here to learn more about this.

Wraparound information:

To  learn more about wraparound, please visit the following: