Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships

The Department's External Relations efforts are led by the Bureau of Media and Communications (BMAC) and the Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships section of the Office of the Secretary.

The Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships section is placed within the Office of the Secretary and serves as a support unit for critical research and input to the executive staff on management, policy and legislative decision making. Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships serves as the primary entry point for information, assistance, and problem resolution to all external parties including members of the state and federal legislatures, state and federal agencies, stakeholders and citizens. Governmental Relations & Community Partnerships manages all aspects of the legislative session including bill management, scheduling, position development, fiscal impact analysis and assigning department staff roles and responsibilities during the legislative session.

Bethany Blackson, DirectorEmail:
Phone:  (225) 342-4773

Shayla Cockerm, Legislative LiaisonEmail:
Office: (225) 342-1400

Christina Ballew, Legislative LiaisonEmail:
Office: (225) 342-9392

LaQuetta Jarvis, Executive AssistantEmail: 
Office: (225) 342-3816