Health Standards Definitions

Initial License Fee - non-refundable amount charged for an initial license application; must accompany initial license application; Initial plus $ 5/unit;
example: Nursing Homes - $600 plus $5/unit

Renewal Fee - annual license renewal fee; renewal fee plus $ 5/unit
example: Nursing Homes - $600 plus $5/unit

Delinquent Renewal Fee -  will be assessed when provider fails to submit the renewal application and fee timely

Duplicate License - any request for a duplicate license shall be accompanied by a $_ _ fee

Unit - licensed patient/client room

Offsite/Branch/Satellite - fee per offsite location or satellite in addition to the basic initial license or license renewal fee

Change Address - address changes as a result of 911 or US Post Office changes are $25.00; If the provider's geographic location changes the fee equals the renewal fee plus $5 per unit.
Hospital - main campus physical move - $600 plus $5 for each inpatient room; offsite physical move - $300 plus $5 for each inpatient room
Nursing Home - physical move - $600 plus $5 per unit

Change # of Beds - increase or decrease to the number of patient beds; applies to ICF/DD, Hospital and Nursing Home providers

Change Name - if the licensee changes its name without a change in ownership, the provider shall report the change to LDH in writing along with the fee. A new license will be issued.

CHOW - Change of Ownership - Licenses may not be transferred or assigned. A new license will be issued when all documents and fees are received. Fee is same as renewal fee plus fee for each (unit) patient/client room and additional fee for each offsite location as applicable.