Health Standards Section (HSS) Payment Procedure

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Effective January 6, 2014 all licensing payments, with the exception of Sanction payments, must be sent to a "lock box" managed by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. A lock box is a secure post office box setup to receive payments that will be credited to a specific bank account.

Effective June 20, 2017,  providers wanting to send express mail must do so by using either US Postal Services Priority Mail  ® or Priority Mail Express, not FedEx or UPS.

Providers must send payment and documentation to two different addresses:

1.  Payment and Payment Transmittal Form must be mailed to the following Chase Bank lock box:
     DHH Licensing Payments
     P.O. Box 734350
     Dallas, TX 75373-4350

2. Documentation, including the Licensing application, forms, State Fire Marshal reports, Office of Public Health reports, and any other required documentation, must be submitted to Health Standards Section:

Health Standards Section
P.O. Box 3767
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-3767

Do NOT send payments to Health Standards Section or to the Office of Fiscal Management. Failure to submit payment and Payment Transmittal Form to the LDH Licensing Fee post office box will delay the approval process and may jeopardize your facility's licensure status.

Providers wanting to send express mail must do so by using either US Postal Services Priority Mail  ® or Priority Mail Express, not FedEx or UPS.

A  Payment Transmittal Form must accompany each payment submitted to the Chase Bank P.O. Box.   Chase Bank will scan the payment (check, or money order) and Payment Transmittal Form.  HSS staff will view the payment and the Payment Transmittal Form online and enter the payment in HSS’ licensing system. 


The Payment Transmittal Form is necessary to ensure the payment is credited to the correct facility and the appropriate licensing application. The provider's State ID is a unique, nine character identifier which begins with 2 alpha characters.  Example: NH0002774. State ID is required for all licensing payments except Initial License applications.


Providers must submit ONE CHECK OR PAYMENT PER STATE ID.  Payments will NOT be divided between multiple facilities, even those owned by the same entity.  If one check is received for multiple ID numbers, this one payment will be applied to the first State ID number listed.

Submit one check or payment for each licensing transaction. For example:

If your facility would like to pay the renewal fee and request approval to increase the number of beds, then you must submit two checks and two Payment Transmittal Forms. Indicate on the Payment Transmittal form which licensing application the check should be applied to.

Remember to send the check & Payment Transmittal Form to PO Box 734350, Dallas, TX 75373-4350 and documentation to Health Standards Section.

For additional information, please contact: Deborah Hall