Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

It is the policy of the Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section, to provide agencies, facilities or complainants with an Informal Dispute Resolution forum in the event that they do not agree with the deficient practice citation(s) issued during their inspection (survey), adverse actions resulting from a survey (e.g., license revocation or sanction) or complaint investigation findings.

IDR opportunity is also afforded to Certified Nurse Aides or Direct Service Workers when a decision to place findings of abuse and/or neglect on the registry is made against them by the department.

All applicable rules and regulations governing the IDR process for each provider type shall apply. Requestors of IDR must refer to their notification letter (issued by the Department) for opportunity for IDR and the timeframe imposed. Please note that for all program types, the timeframe is expressed in calendar days only and that the request must be received in the HSS office within the timeframe stipulated.

Also, depending on the provider type and the adverse action taken, IDR may be referred to as Administrative Reconsideration (AR), Informal Reconsideration (IR) or Informal Discussion (ID). The IDR process remains the same for each requestor.

Informal Dispute Resolution Process- 12.2018

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