Laboratory Certification

The Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Laboratory Certification Program certifies laboratories analyzing drinking water under the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). In accordance with SDWA and state regulations, the LDH Laboratory Certification Program issues drinking water certification to laboratories performing microbiological and chemical testing of drinking water in the State of Louisiana.

A laboratory requesting certification is required to submit a completed application, appropriate fees, quality assurance manual, and meet State and/or Federal regulations, which include but are not limited to participation in a proficiency testing program and on-site evaluations. Reciprocal, or Secondary, TNI NELAP certification can also be granted with a completed application, appropriate fees, and current certificate from the primary TNI NELAP-Recognized Accreditation Body. Certificates are issued for a period of 1 calendar year based upon successful completion of the certification process.

Application and Guidance for Laboratories that wish to apply for Certifiation to Perform Microbiology Testing of Drinking Water:
Laboratories Certified to Perform Drinking Water Testing for Certain Chemistry or Microbiology Tests:

For more information on lab certification, please contact the LDH OPH Laboratory at 225-219-5200.