Louisiana Hospital Inpatient Discharge Database

Since 1998, LDH has been collecting inpatient (IP) hospital data from licensed hospitals in the state through the Louisiana Hospital Inpatient Discharge Database (LAHIDD). The Bureau of Health Informatics has been tasked with collecting this data for the following uses: program evaluations; internal analyses that would allow for targeting public health interventions to specific neighborhoods; provider performance studies on quality and efficiency of care; utilization studies for facility service planning; environmental tracking; epidemiologic and cost information for tracking of specific conditions such as traumatic brain injury and cancer; identifying prevalence and hospital costs associated with outbreaks such as influenza; and link to death certificate data, birth data, motor vehicle crash data, hospital descriptive information, and condition-specific registries.




BHI can provide aggregate or de-identified data from the LAHIDD dataset for public health evaluations or research proposals. Please contact us via our data request form prior to submitting any IRB application package so that we can determine the feasibility of the request.

Please note: we CANNOT release data for commercial or business purposes. Visit the Forms page for application information.


LAHIDD Program Manager