The LDH utilizes Prometric and Louisiana Community &Technical College System (LCTCS) college sites to administer the LA Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation.  To be certified to the LA Nurse Aide Registry, nurse aide trainees must successfully complete the competency exam administered by Prometric or LCTCS. Important links are provided below.

Prometric-main Prometric website for LA.  This contains links to the application, test sites, instructions, sample tests, contact information, etc.

LCTCS  - This contains links to the application, test sites, instructions, contact information, etc.

Candidate Information Bulletin-contains application as well as detailed instructions for completing the application, testing requirements, fees, exam contents, etc. 

Paper application-printable application, if wish to mail.

Online application-online submission of test application. Ability to pay online is available.  Note that an email address is required to create an account, so multiple applications cannot be submitted using the same email address. 

Regional test site list-current list of regional test sites available and the site code required for the application.

• If your program/facility is not approved as an in-facility test site (IFT), trainees must choose a regional test site from the list

• Scheduling of the test is based upon the chosen regional site availability.  Dates will be assigned "first come, first serve," so trainees     cannot be guaranteed to receive a test date with classmates

• List is updated frequently, so verify test site is listed before submitting application

IFT (in-facility) test event request-use to request test event if your facility is approved as an IFT test site.

ADA Accommodation Packet-use if ADA accommodations are required for testing.  

• Complete packet and submit with application. 

• Allow 30 days for scheduling, as accommodations may require Prometric to secure additional resources.

• ADA Accommodation is NOT REQUIRED for the oral version of the theory test.  


Test Site Recruitment

Prometric welcomes the addition of new test sites, both regional and in-facility (IFT).  Details regarding each test site type are provided below. 

Regional test sites-located strategically throughout the state.

  • Goal is that candidates do not have to travel more than 1 hour to take the competency test.
  • Some regions may have more than 1 site, based upon the needs of the area. 
  • Regional test sites provides Prometric with dates that are available for Prometric to use their facility for testing.  Therefore, test event availability may fluctuate for each site.
  • Test dates are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  Candidates may not request a particular date, and cannot guarantee that students of same class will be scheduled together. 
  • If the regional test chosen (on the application) is not available, the candidate application is placed in a pending status. Prometric will periodically review the pending candidates and reach out after an extended amount of time. Candidates will be offered alternative test sites. The candidate must decide if they wish to change regional sites, in order to test sooner, though travel may be required. The candidate that does not opt to change regional sites will remain in a pending status to be scheduled in the next available test event at their chosen regional site. 
  • Candidates that do not receive a test date confirmation email within 30 days may contact Prometric customer service at 800-797-0671 to change regional test sites instead of waiting for Prometric to contact them.

In-facility (IFT) test sites-test event is conducted at the school for the program's students.

  • If approved as an IFT, candidates are tested by a Prometric proctor at their school.  
  • The school submits an IFT test event request, which allows a test date to be reserved as soon as the program completion date is known. Confirmation requires applications and payment 10 days prior to event date. 
  • Candidates of the IFT test event are students of the school, unless the school has agreed to allow other student's from other schools to utilize their IFT.
  • A minimum of 4 candidates is required.
  • Historical data has shown that candidates of IFT test events typically have a higher success rate. It is believed that this is due to (1) decreased anxiety due to testing in familiar setting; (2) location and lay out is familair to student; and (3) less wait to take test because program is able to schedule in advance.  
  • IFT FAQ's

Test site approval for IFT and regional sites


Additional Information

Prometric is the vendor that provides the following Nurse Aide Training and Nurse Aide Registry services:

  1. New Nurse Aide (Route 1 on application)-administration of competency evaluation for new nurse aide training candidates 
  2. Recertification testing (Route 2)-administration of competency evaluation for CNA's that have lapsed less than 24 months. Candidate has one (1) attempt to pass both portions.  If unsuccessful, CNA must re-train at an approved nurse aide training program
  3. RN or LPN (Route 4 and 7)-administration of competency evaluation for RN's or LPN's trained in a foreign country, or license is suspended or probation. Approval is required by submission of the LA Nurse Aide Certification-Approval to Test Application
  4. RN student, LPN student, Military training (Route 5 and 6)-administration of competency evaluation for RN students, LPN students, or military training/experience. Approval is required by submission of the LA Nurse Aide Certification-Approval to Test Application  
  5. Reciprocity (Route 8)-processing of transfer of active CNA from another state TO Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.  Testing is not required.  See Reciprocity Procedure.


 NATP and Registry Quick Links

Prometric website for LA

LDH-Prometric website

New Nurse Aide Training Program approval information

NATP Change Information for currently approved programs (instructions for reporting program changes)

COVID19/Nurse Aide Training/TNA Waiver information

Train the Trainer contacts 


LA Nurse Aide Registry online CNA verification

LA Adverse Actions website (DSW findings)

LA Nurse Aide Registry website (information for CNA's)

CNA recertification testing information

State Minimum Licensing regulations for Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs LAC 48:1 Chapter 100

Federal regulations for Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs CFR, Chapter IV, Subchapter G, Part 483, Subpart D

LDH Contact information