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Benefits of Electronic Death Registration


  • No hard copy paper record to send to funeral homes
  • No software or maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity from faster completion of medical information
  • Improved accuracy and timeliness of public health data
  • Online edits eliminate many common errors that currently cause records to be returned 
  • Timelier registration of death certificates making certifications available to the family much sooner


Video Tutorial

This short video tutorial will guide you through the process of registering for LEERS, receiving notification that a death record is ready for your certification, and navigation of the LEERS screens to complete a death record. 


Link to Full Video Tutorial (Length 07:28)



Frequently Asked Questions


Death Registration - What has Changed?

Louisiana Vital Records has implemented electronic filing of Louisiana Death records. This means the record will be filed online via the Internet, using the Louisiana Electronic Event Registration System (LEERS). This change occurred March 2012 and will become mandatory beginning January 2019. 


What is LEERS?

LEERS is a web-based application that handles the transmission and storage of vital record information for the State of Louisiana. LEERS began with birth registration in December of 2010, and has added modules for death, marriage, divorce, induced termination of pregnancy (ITOP), and a sales and management module (SAM) for the sale of certified copies of vital events.

There is no hardware or software required to use LEERS other than a computer with an internet connection. The only requirement is that you are registered with a user ID, which you can obtain by completing and signing this form.



Once a physician is registered with LEERS, he or she will receive an email indicating that a record is waiting for their completion of the medical certification of a death record. The physician can click the link in the email or navigate to the LEERS site through an internet browser, and log in with the appropriate user ID and password. 

At that point, the physician completes the medical information. The information is automatically validated to ensure that there are no errors or missing information.

LEERS has a built-in medical spell check, as well as checks that determine whether a record should be sent to the Coroner for review. Once complete, the physician enters his or her supplied 4-digit PIN number to electronically "sign" the certificate. 


Will I still deal with funeral directors?

Your contact with the funeral director will be greatly reduced with LEERS. The funeral director will still need your confirmation that you will sign the death record for your patient, just as they do now. They will not need to go back and forth with your office with a paper record, as in the past. You may get a call from the funeral director or Coroner asking for clarification on an entry you made, but generally you can complete your portion of the record solely through LEERS.



All you will need to sign up is to return a completed User ID Request Form to Louisiana Vital Records by fax or email a scanned copy. Once received by Vital Records, you will receive an automated email within 48 hours with your login information and a separate email with your PIN. 

FAX: (504) 593-5196

EMAIL: leers@la.gov


Additional Materials

User ID Request Form

Physician Flyer - LEERS EDR