2023 Legislative Acts

HB 123, Act 3: Provides relative to nursing home requirements and standards for emergency preparedness plans

HB 291, Act 367: Provides for Visitation Policies at Certain Healthcare Facilities

 HB 319, Act 4: Repeals a provision of licensure by endorsement for nurses

HB 320, Act 80: Provides relative to Nursing Education-enrolled

HB 541, Act 27: Designates a portion of law as the "Lane Allen Gottschalck Law"

SB 29, Act 35: Provides relative to the use of a surgical smoke plume evacuation system

SB 52, Act 98: Provides for technical corrections beyond the authority of the Louisiana State Law Institute to certain citations in the Administrative Procedure Act

SB 66, Act 322: Provides relative to telehealth services

SB 169, Act 193: Provides for tracking rape kits from collection through conviction

SB 186, Act 263: Provides relative to the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

2022 Legislative Acts

HB 1062, Act 583: Provides relative to Occupational Licensing

HB 189, Act 112: MAC's in ARCP's

HB 291, Act 479: EPP in Nursing Homes, Office of State Fire Marshall

HB 312, Act 461: Workplace violence in healthcare settings

HB 384, Act 619: PDHC operation of cameras

HB 555, Act 483: Healthcare professionals with Occupational licenses

HB 625, Act 344: Off-site locations of BHS providers

HB 639, Act 486: Occupational licensing for workers with criminal histories

HB 709, Act 390: BHS Providers furnishing services regardless of client location

HB 933, Act 522: EPP for all licensed Nursing Homes

HB 958, Act 577: Nurse Staffing Agencies licensure in LA

SB 104, Act 537: Communication devices in Abortion facilities

SB 136, Act 129: Protections for ER, EMS, and Healthcare Professionals

SB 147, Act 540: Sexual assault survivors to have access to documents from forensic medical exam

SB 167, Act 597: EPP for Nursing Homes

SB 268, Act 309: Opioid treatment programs for pregnant women

SB 30, Act 531: FNR in-person SRR and notification

SB 33, Act 253: Alternate electrical power sources in Nursing Facilities

SB 342, Act 545: Application of Abortion statutes

SB 388, Act 548: Prohibits sale of Abortion-inducing drugs and crime of chemical abortions