Louisiana Medicaid Renewals Data Reporting

In April 2023, Louisiana Medicaid resumed renewals for all Medicaid members following the end of the Medicaid continuous enrollment condition authorized by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The data contained on this web page reflects outcomes of that process and includes:

  • Monthly renewal data reporting required by and reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on activities related to eligibility renewals, call center operations and transitions to Marketplace coverage.
  • Monthly renewal data reporting defined and captured by Louisiana Medicaid to include renewal outcomes and closures by category.

There are some distinct differences between the data captured in the two data sets.

  • The CMS renewal data only captures data from Medicaid members with full benefit programs. The Medicaid data includes members with full and partial benefit programs. For that reason, the total number of members captured in the CMS data will be lower than the total number of members captured in the Medicaid data.
  • CMS requires that their data be unduplicated. This means that members who have Medicaid coverage by more than one program are not counted multiple times. The Medicaid data will count members multiple times if they are receiving coverage in more than one program.
  • The numbers captured in both data reports represent a snapshot in time, based on the date the data was collected. The data for each report is likely collected at different times, which will also lead to some differences in numbers.

Monthly Reports

CMS Reporting

 CMS Renewal Tracking January

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Louisiana Medicaid Reporting

Medicaid Renewal Outcomes - June 2023-January 2024

Closures by Category - June 2023-January 2024

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Churn Data

The federal definition of churn is when any Medicaid/CHIP enrollees are disenrolled (closed) but then are re-enrolled in 180 days (approximately six months) or less.  


Unique Count
All Individuals Churned


Of the unique individuals churned, this is the number of children (19 and younger) churned

July 1, 2023



August 1, 2023



September 1, 2023



October 1, 2023



November 1, 2023



December 1, 2023



January 1, 2024




Reporting Updates and Timelines

Louisiana Medicaid will update this page monthly by the 15 of each month.