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In compliance with Act 212 of the 2013 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, LDH has made State Plan amendments (SPA) available for public view dating back to July 1, 2013. Since the date of implementation, the Department has posted pending SPAs. Some amendments are still pending from prior years, others have been approved since July 1, 2013 and posted to the site. It should be noted that the SPAs are listed by calendar year as they are created under transmittal numbers indicating the year and chronological order of creation during that year. SPAs approved prior to July 1, 2013 can be found within the main text of the comprehensive State Plan.


23-0001  HCBS Spending Plan - PCS and TCM *APPROVED*

23-0002  Medicaid Eligibility - Resource Methodology  *APPROVED*

23-0003  LA Medicaid Disaster Relief SPA Home Health  *PENDING*

23-0004  Medicaid Eligibility Former Foster Care Children *APPROVED*

23-0005  Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) Alternative Payment Methodology *APPROVED*

23-0006  Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID) – Dental Services *APPROVAL*

23-0007  Inpatient Hospital Services *APPROVAL*

23-0008  Home Health Program-Authorizing Authority *APPROVED*

23-0009  Personal Care Services-Long Term Care (Eligibility Assessments)   *APPROVED*

23-0010  EPSDT Dental Reimbursement Methodology   *APPROVED*

23-0011  EPSDT Adult Dentures Reimbursement Methodology   *APPROVED*

23-0012  Behavioral Health Services   *APPROVED*

23-0013  Tobacco Cessation Counseling Services   *APPROVED*

23-0014  EPSDT American Rescue Plan Act COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatment   *PENDING*

23-0015  LA Medicaid Disaster Relief SPA Signature Waiver (Pharmacy)    *APPROVED*

23-0017 Disaster Relief Extension SPA (TCM)    *APPROVED*

23-0018  Disaster Relief Extension (Long Term - Personal Care Services)  *APPROVED*

23-0019  Long Term-Personal Care Services Disaster Relief Extension     *APPROVED*

23-0020  Medical Transportation Program     *PENDING*

23-0021  ICF-IID Reimbursement Methodology     *APPROVED*

23-0022  Preventive Services Program    *PENDING*

23-0023  Disaster Relief Extension SPA (Long Term-Personal Care Services)     *APPROVED*

23-0024  Pharmacy Benefits Management Program - Professional Dispensing Fee     *PENDING*

23-0025  Pharmacy Benefits Management Program - Clotting Factor    *PENDING*

23-0026  Recovery Audit Contractor Program *APPROVED*

23-0028   Medicaid Eligibility Disregard of Accumulated Resources  *PENDING*

23-0029   Home Health Program Reimbursement Rate Increase  *APPROVED*

23-0030   Disaster Relief Extension (Treatment in Place)    *APPROVED*

23-0031   Inpatient Hospital Services (Out of State Hospitals)  *APPROVED*

23-0032   Rural Health Clinics Reimbursement Methodology  *APPROVED*

23-0033  Outpatient Hospital Services - Public Non-State Small Rural Hospitals  *PENDING*

23-0035   Pharmacy Benefits Management – Over The Counter Drugs   *PENDING*

23-0036  Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments   *PENDING*

23-0037  Midwife Services Reimbursement Methodology    *PENDING*

23-0038  Targeted Case Management Virtual Visits   *APPROVED*

23-0041  Nursing Facilities – Optional State Assessment *PENDING*