Office of Behavioral Health – Mental Health Services

The Office of Behavioral Health provides statewide authority and accountability for all behavioral healthcare, including mental health treatment services, for Louisiana citizens.  This includes coordinating between other agencies and partnering entities that deliver and manage components of care for the behavioral health population, both insured and uninsured (e.g., Medicaid, human services districts/authorities, etc.).  Legislation mandates that the local administration of the Louisiana behavioral healthcare system, including both community and residential services, is operated by independent health care districts or authorities (also referred to as local governing entities or LGEs).  The Office of Behavioral Health maintains two state psychiatric hospitals at Central Louisiana State Hospital (CLSH) in Pineville and the Eastern Louisiana Mental Health System (ELMHS) in Jackson.

Mental health treatment services are available in your region.

Mental Health Treatment 

  • Acute Units:
    The Office of Behavioral Health contracts with various private and public hospital acute units to provide psychiatric, psychosocial and medical services in compliance with all licensing and accreditation standards to meet individual patient needs for adults, children and adolescents in an inpatient treatment environment that is less restrictive, shorter term and more cost effective than long-term hospitalization. These units are closely linked to community-based services and support networks so patients can return to their homes faster and with greater continuity of care.
  • Behavioral Health Clinics:
    The LGEs are currently treating adults and children with serious mental illnesses or emotional disturbances through clinics throughout the state. These behavioral health clinics provide a variety of services, including screening and assessment, emergency crisis care, individual evaluation and treatment, medication administration and management, clinical casework services, specialized services for children and adolescents, specialized criminal justice services, specialized services for the elderly and pharmacy services. Inability to pay does not affect receipt of services.
  • Early Serious Mental Illness/First Episode Psychosis Treatment:
    OBH supports programs that provide Coordinated Specialty Care treatment to both youth and adults who may be experiencing Early Serious Mental Illness or the First Episode of Psychosis. These programs are administered by several Local Governing Entities and Tulane University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences through their Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic-New Orleans (EPIC NOLA).
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities:
    OBH operates two state psychiatric facilities that provide mental health evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation services for adults who have severe and persistent mental illnesses. The hospital program provides care to individuals in need of adult civil intermediate (90-180 days) treatment, adult acute (<30 days) treatment, adult forensic services and adult competency restoration. Community-based group home placements are available through grants and contract providers. The OBH Hospital Program currently consists of:
  • My Choice Louisiana:
    Through My Choice Louisiana, the State will provide transition planning and support, as well as screening and evaluations to all individuals with serious mental illness who are currently living in a nursing facility. For individuals who may face nursing home placement, the State will look to improve on diverting these individuals to appropriate community-based services.
  • Mental Health Rehabilitation   

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