Putative Father Registry Information

The Louisiana Vital Records Registry maintains the Louisiana Putative Father Registry to record the name and address of any man who wants to declare that he is the father of a child. The registration is processed without charge. The filing of a man's name in the Putative Father Registry creates a rebuttable presumption that the man is the father of the child and facilitates the man's participation in any adoption proceeding involving that child. The registration has no affect on the child's birth certificate.

To Register as a Putative Father
In order to register, the putative father or a person acting on his behalf must submit a notarized Putative Father Affidavit, a certified copy of a paternity or filiation judgment issued by a court of this state, or by a court of another state or U.S. territory, an acknowledgment by authentic act executed pursuant to Civil Code Article 203 or R.S. 9:391, or a legitimation by authentic act executed pursuant to Civil Code Article 200. Submit the affidavit to:

Putative Father Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160

A conformed copy of the affidavit is returned to the submitter. There is no charge for the registration service.

For a Putative Father Affidavit, click here.

To Obtain a Putative Father Certificate
In order to obtain a Putative Father Certificate for use in an adoption proceeding, an attorney, court, or authorized agency may formally request the certificate by mail. Certificates are not issued to other persons except on order of a court of competent jurisdiction. The request must be submitted on letterhead and include a copy of the child's birth certificate or the child's name, birth date, birth place and the maiden name of the mother.

A statutory fee of ten ($10) dollars per certificate is applicable, plus a state charge of $.50 per mail transaction. The fee may be paid by personal check or money order. Allow 4 to 6 working days for processing. Requests may be mailed to the Vital Records, Putative Father Registry, P.O. Box 60630, New Orleans, LA 70160.