Real Estate Transfers: Testing Requirements for Private Water Wells in Louisiana

Lender Testing Requirements

Private water wells are unregulated in the State of Louisiana, leaving owners responsible for any maintenance, care and testing of their wells. Lenders often require some type of testing for real estate transfers and may defer to the regulations of the state where the transaction is occurring.

Although testing is not required in the State of Louisiana, it is strongly recommended that owners test their wells for Total Coliform/E. Coli bacteria at least annually. The Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health’s Laboratories and Sanitarian Services can assist well owners with this service.

Lender-required Total Coliform/E.coli testing can be ordered online at  by selecting the “Water & Sewer Approval Request for Loan Letter” option. When choosing this option, a sanitarian will visit the home to collect the sample and transport it to the laboratory for analysis. Sample results are usually returned to sanitarians within 48 hours and a letter is drafted by their department to provide to the owner and/or lender.

If a lender requires chemistry testing (i.e. lead, nitrates, arsenic, etc.), LDH provides a current list of certified laboratories on our website to assist well owners.

Again, testing is not required, however, services are available in the event they are needed. For more information on private water well testing, please visit the Louisiana Private Well Initiative website or call 1-888-293-7020.