Become a Public Health Nurse and discover an exciting and rewarding career!
Looking for a nursing career that allows you to maximize your training and education?
Do you want a work schedule that is conducive to family life?

Consider PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING!  It can really make a difference in your lives and the lives of the people in your community.  The need for public health nurses are greater than ever before!

If you're a student in a baccalaureate degree nursing program or a practicing registered nurse with a baccalaureate degree seeking a change,

Public health nursing offers the challenges and fulfillment you're looking a real opportunity to make life better!

When you choose a career in public health nursing, your work will be varied and you'll never be bored.  Here are just some of the opportunities for community involvement and service in public health nursing:

  • Respond to emergencies including infectious disease outbreaks, natural or man-made disasters, bioterrorism
  • Educate populations about smoking/obesity risks and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Prevent communicable disease through monitoring occurrences, providing, tracking outbreaks and providing immunizations
  • Organize health fairs and preventive health screenings
  • Work with schools regarding students' health, nutrition and developmental issues
  • Educate the community about environmental health awareness such as, lead and safe water
  • Work with business and industry to provide health education to employees
  • Organize advisory boards and coalitions, and collaborate with organizations and agencies to promote community neighborhood health
  • Work with health care providers and institutions to assure quality services are provided.
  • Contribute data for research and policy development
  • Link people to community programs


Opportunities for a public health nursing career can be found at the Department of Civil Service  click on Job Search, choose Statewide or Region of interest, select Professional Medical on the drop down listing, click search or Contact:  Clair Millet, DNP, APRN, PHCNS, BC, Director of Nursing @