How to Report Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid fraud is a crime that steals taxpayer money and robs vulnerable residents of care. If you suspect a recipient or a doctor, clinic, hospital, home health service or any other kind of medical provider is committing Medicaid fraud, report it.

It is a violation of the Medicaid rules and laws for an excluded provider, employee or provider subcontractor to perform duties that are compensated with Medicaid funds. Please check the Louisiana Department of Health Adverse Actions Database to determine if you recognize an individual or entity that is currently excluded and receiving Medicaid funds and report it.

There are several ways you can alert the Louisiana Department of Health for investigation and swift punishment:

1. Call toll-free 1.800.488.2917 for Provider Fraud complaints.
    Call toll-free 1.833.920.1773 for Recipient Fraud complaints.

2. Complete the appropriate form below, and submit it electronically.

3. Submit your Provider fraud complaint by mail to:

Program Integrity Unit – Provider Complaints

Louisiana Department of Health
Program Integrity Unit – Provider Complaints
Bienville Building
P.O. Box 91030 
Baton Rouge, LA 70821

   Submit your Recipient fraud complaint by mail to:

Customer Service Unit

Louisiana Department of Health
Customer Service Unit
P.O. Box 91278
Baton Rouge, LA 70821-9278

4. Fax Provider fraud complaints to 225.216.6129.
    Fax Recipient fraud complaints to 225.389.2610.

You can report anonymously.

Together, we can root out fraud, waste and abuse in our Medicaid program.

Reporting Fraud to Other State Agencies

Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline: Contact the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) Hotline if you suspect the misappropriation (theft), fraud, waste, or abuse of public funds by anyone.

Louisiana Workforce CommissionHelp stop unemployment insurance and workers' compensation fraud in Louisiana. Report online or call toll-free 1-800-201-3362.Louisiana Department of Children and Family ServicesIf you suspect someone is illegally receiving public assistance benefits (through the Food Stamp Program, Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program, Kinship Care Subsidy Program and Child Care Assistance Program) or is illegally using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, report this online or call toll-free 1-888-LAHELP-U (1-888-524-3578).

OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL MOST WANTED FUGITIVES This Web page contains information about OIG's most wanted health care fugitives. Click here for more information.