The Prevention Department of the STD/HIV/Hepatitis Program (SHHP) is primarily funded through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Additional funding from the state of Louisiana contributes to STD testing and treatment in parish health units.

Major prevention activities include:

HIV Counseling, Testing, and Linkage to Care Services: HP supports HIV and STD counseling, testing and linkage services in numerous settings throughout Louisiana.  Several community-based organizations (CBOs) are funded by SHHP statewide to conduct client-centered HIV counseling, including identification and discussion of HIV risk behaviors with clients, in conjunction with their testing programs.  SHHP additionally supports testing programs in parish health unSTD/HIV Programits, school-based health centers, correctional facilities, and other settings.

Prevention Materials Distribution: This statewide program provides educational materials and supplies to parish health units, CBOs, and businesses to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.  Data provided by the Surveillance Department aids the Prevention Department in identifying priority zip codes to maximize the impact of this intervention.

Partner Services:  SHHP conducts outreach to individuals newly diagnosed or newly reported with HIV to help ensure access to care, as well as to identify and anonymously inform their partners of possible exposure to HIV and offer testing and referral to services.

Community Planning: HIV prevention needs are determined by local, regional, and state community planning groups. This integrated planning process includes statewide and metropolitan Ryan White jurisdictions as well as all SHHP-funded HIV prevention organizations.

The Louisiana Statewide STD/HIV Infoline: Information about HIV/AIDS and other STDs and referrals for prevention and care services are provided to callers anonymously and at no cost at 1-800-99-AIDS-9.

Training and Education: Trainings focused on conducting HIV prevention activities are available to publicly funded agencies throughout the state. Educational materials are provided to public agencies to enhance HIV prevention efforts.  SHHP also tailors HIV and STD educational programs for interested community groups.