The following is a list of the administrative operations (see Org Chart) of the Office of Management and Finance:Bureau of Health Services Financing (Medicaid) is the administrative operation responsible for the Medicaid program, which is the public insurance program which provides health care services to the elderly, disabled and low-income persons. Funded by both federal and state governments, Medicaid provides medical benefits such as physician, hospital, laboratory, x-ray, and nursing home services; optional programs include services such as pharmacy and intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR). Medicaid also provides funding for all Home and Community-Based Services  (HCBS) otherwise known as waiver services.

Health Standards Section licenses health care facilities to operate in Louisiana and certifies these facilities for participation in Medicare and Medicaid.

Administrative Review Unitprovides for fair hearings for persons to whom Medicaid covered services have been denied, suspended, reduced or terminated. Appeals also conducts hearings for Medicaid providers such as nursing homes, home health agencies, and other health care providers whose Medicaid/Medicare licenses have been suspended, terminated or denied; provider payment disputes may also be heard.

The Deputy Undersecretary reports to the Undersecretary and oversees the following:

Division of Fiscal Managementperforms the payment management, financial reporting and accounting functions for the department.

Division of Human Resources, Training and Staff Development develops and carries out departmental personnel management functions, including payroll, training and staff development.

Division of Planning & Budget develops, prepares and manages the department's budget and strategic planning process, provides contract and lease management services, procure goods and services for LDH offices, and provides property control, telecommunications, mail room, copier management and vehicle management functions for the office.